Emet Schneiderman, PhD

Director of the Sleep Research Program, Professor of Biomedical Sciences & Biostatistics, Specialist in Craniofacial Biology

Dr. Emet Schneiderman has more than thirty-five years of experience in the design and analysis of dental and craniofacial studies on humans and animals. His interests include the interplay between orofacial form, respiratory function, obstructive sleep apnea, sleep quality and brain health. His research experience in these areas, as well as temporomandibular (TMJ) form, disorders and treatment, provide a background for better understanding the clinical interventions under consideration. He received his bachelor's degree in anthropology from Northwestern University and his PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of Michigan. 

Other relevant experience includes having served an investigator on NIH, NLM, HRSA and Texas TIF grants, more than 90 publications including a book, and two-dozen computer programs, and a number of articles about statistical methodology. Furthermore, he believes the Sleep Research Program is poised to improve the lives of many individuals progressing towards dementia by improving sleep quality with oral appliance therapy.