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Faculty Development

Our Multi-faceted Approach

Texas A&M College of Dentistry’s multi-faceted approach to faculty development includes programs and activities that promote growth and development of faculty in the areas of teaching, research and service.

Oversight of faculty development is managed collaboratively by the Director of Faculty Development and the Faculty Development Committee (FDC) through the Office of Academic Affairs.

Actions of the FDC to augment the College’s efforts to enhance faculty development are directed by charges from the Dean through the Committee on Committees.

Charges and Responsibilities of the FDC:

  • Continuously monitor and improve plans for faculty development by prioritizing goals with available resources.
  • Promote faculty collaboration through enhanced communication and networking activities.
  • Encourage faculty participation in activities that foster continued improvement such as opportunities for continuing education, faculty development leave and collaborative efforts.
  • Plan workshops and seminars for in-service faculty development.
  • Participate in programs to recognize faculty performance such as the Faculty Teaching, Research and Service Awards.
  • Oversee the use of faculty development grants and assure accountability.
  • Coordinate efforts with all other committees and offices as appropriate.

For more information on Diversity & Inclusion at College of Dentistry contact:

Dr. Lavern Holyfield
Dr. Lavern Holyfield

Assistant Dean of Faculty Development
Office of Academic Affairs

Phone: (214) 828-8485
Fax: (214) 874-4523