Dr. Luan

Department of Periodontics

3302 Gaston Ave
Dallas, TX 75246
Email: xianghong.luan@tamu.edu

Education and Post-Graduate Training

Educated in clinical medicine and immunology, Dr. Luan's postdoctoral training at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio involved the study of dental tissues, cells, and unique dental genes.  Her early work in this area focused on the genes and proteins of the dental pulp and their role in dentin formation.  

When Dr. Luan moved to Chicago to the Brodie Laboratory of Craniofacial Genetics, her interest shifted toward extracellular matrix genes, stem cells, and epigenetics. Currently, her research program has three major components: (1) genetic and epigenetic factors in odontogenic and osteogenic stem cell differentiation, (2) the role of miRNAs in bone regeneration, and (3) matrix proteins and the regulation of craniofacial osteogenesis.  

Trained as a medical doctor, Dr. Luan has always been excited about research projects that connect oro-facial problems with the overall health of patients.  When she made recent discoveries related to the therapeutic potential of small molecules and craniofacial bone regeneration, she saw this as an opportunity to connect her interest in stem cells and human health.  

Returning to Texas to the TAMU Center for Craniofacial Research and Diagnosis and the Department of Periodontics will allow Dr. Luan to implement her vision of using regenerative medicine to benefit patient care.  

"I hope that discoveries from our research will also have applications in other areas of tissue regeneration and bone remodeling and thus impact the overall health of patients."

Representative Publicatons

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  • Lu, X., Fukumoto, S., Yamada, Y., Evans, C.A., Diekwisch, T.G.H., and Luan, X. (2016). The Ameloblastin extracellular matrix molecule enhances bone fracture resistance and promotes rapid bone fracture healing.  Matrix Biology 52-54, 113-126. 
  • Lu, X., Fukumoto, S.,Yamada, Y.,Evans, C.,Diekwisch, T.G.H., Luan, X. (2016). Ameloblastin, an Extracellular Matrix Protein, Affects Long Bone Growth and Mineralization. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 31, 1235-1246.
  • Lu X, Ito Y, Atsawasuwan P, Dangaria S, Evans C.A., Luan X. (2013). Ameloblastin modulates osteoclastogenesis through the integrin/ERK pathway.  BONE 54, 157-168.
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