screen-shot-2020-10-26-at-12.23.13-pm.pngClinical Associate Professor, Associate Department Head
Director of Pre-Clinical Program, Member of the Texas A&M Graduate Faculty

Dr. Noureldin specializes in three areas of dentistry, operative, preventative dentistry and cariology (caries management). She received her dental degree (1993) at the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. Dr. Noureldin began her career as a dentist and a faculty with specialist training and Master of Science degree in Operative Dentistry at Cairo University, Egypt (1998). Earned Master of Science in Biomaterials (2003) from Baylor College of Dentistry (currently College of Dentistry Texas A&M University, USA) and a PhD degree in Operative Dentistry (2007) as a joint supervision between Baylor College of Dentistry and Faculty of oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University. Her research interest, which is on dental caries and white spot lesion prevention and treatment, has been supported by several industry contracts and grants. Her responsibilities include pre-doctoral and postdoctoral didactic and preclinical/clinical Cariology and Prevention teaching. Dr. Noureldin was honored with Distinguished Teaching Excellence Award (2016) by Texas A&M College of Dentistry in recognition of her leadership qualities and accomplishments in the undergraduate and graduate levels and honored with Clinical Faculty Research Award in 2019.


  • Clinical Faculty Research Award”, Texas A&M University College of Dentistry, Dallas, USA, 2019
  • “Distinguished Teaching Award”, Texas A&M University College of Dentistry, Dallas, USA, 2017
  • “American Muslim Women Physicians Association”, Community Volunteering Award, 2013


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