College Nurse

Jackie Tucker-Adami, ext 8253

College Health Clinic

  • The College Health Clinic is located in the Lower (B) Level in Room 24.
  • Students pay a Student Health Clinic Fee of $75/semester, and $21/summer session
  • The full-time nurse is available from 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Physician services are available 2 hours a week.

The Health Clinic function includes:

  • Provision of routine and acute medical care for students.
  • Recommendations for referral physicians for care that cannot be provided in the clinic. (NB: Referral services are NOT covered by the health clinic fee).
  • Occupational injuries and exposures are treated according to the college Clinical Protocol.
  • Medical records are maintained and limited immunizations are available. 
  • A student health insurance plan is available on an optional basis.  We require students to secure health insurance coverage, however the choice of plan in which they are enrolled is their own choice. (NB: Information regarding the Texas A&M University System student health insurance plan is available from the Director of Student Affairs, Room 503E).
  • Dental services are available in the college's clinics.