As a result of the changing landscape in higher education and the need for students to have the technology necessary to complete their assigned coursework, Texas A&M College of Dentistry is requiring all students to have an appropriate computer/device.

In order to ensure computers meet minimum specifications to meet the demands of their degree program, the following specifications should be met.

Instructional Technologies

The dental program utilizes a number of instructional technologies to facilitate both effective and efficient instruction, as well as learning. As a result, we have specific requirements for computing and mobile devices. 

  • In your first year, you are required to have BOTH an iPad and a laptop computer. Below are the minimum requirements for the iPad. Laptop requirements are supplied by the Office of Information Technology Services.
  • ALL Gross Anatomy lab exams are administered via iPads, this is an important requirement. The iPad is also the preferred platform for all other electronic assessments.
    • Note: Other tablets and mobile devices are not acceptable substitutes for the iPad.

iPad Requirements: 

Required Models:

iPad or iPad Pro

Minimum iPad Requirements:

  • Wireless capability
  • 32 GB storage
  • Capable of iOS 10 or better
  • iOS must be genuine and unaltered (not Jailbroken) 

Required Accessories:

  • Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter - $39.00 (Apple’s product is recommended, but 3rd party versions are acceptable)
  • USB to Ethernet Adapter - $10-$20 (most 3rd party models are acceptable) 

Due to the high stakes nature of examinations we require iPads to have wired Ethernet capability to circumvent unforeseen issues with Wi-Fi connectivity in the school.

Recommended Accessories:

  • Protective Case

Laptop Requirements

The following requirements are based on the hardware requirements for the applications that are used during the student’s first year.

The Office of Information Technology has worked with Dell to put together a laptop that meets all the minimum requirements for your needs. This Business-Grade laptop is designed to offer reliability throughout your time in the program. Please note that with the Dell recommended laptop all students receive 100% in-warranty tech support on-site here in room 529. All of our technicians are Dell Certified and, due to our partnership with Dell, all parts for Dell repairs arrive in 24 hours. This means you will have your laptop back in 48-72 hours in most cases! 

Minimum Requirements 

You MUST bring your laptop and 5-foot Ethernet cable with you to your scheduled pre-orientation session! You MUST also bring an Ethernet Port. (If your computer doesn’t have one)

Laptop cannot be more than two years old, must have TPM chip on Windows based laptops and be in good working condition. All laptops, new or used, must meet the following minimum requirements:

Warranty: Recommended 3-year warranty. If possible, also get extended battery warranty & accidental damage protection. Note: The OIT recommended Dell Laptop includes a 4 year warranty with accidental damage.

Processor: Intel i3, i5, i7 or AMD equivalent or better

Memory: 8GB (Gigabytes)

Hard Drive: 250GB (Gigabytes) or higher required – (Solid State Drive, SSD, is strongly recommended)

Optical Drive: Basic DVD-ROM drive. Note – Many new laptops are coming without optical drives. Please note that you can order an external drive that will plug in via USB, or OIT can assist with installing software that is only available on DVD.

Networking Requirement: An Ethernet Port and a 5ft Ethernet cable are required for all laptops. If your laptop does not have a built in Ethernet (for example, the MacBook Air) you must purchase an Ethernet adapter and cable.

Data Encryption Requirement: All devices that are connecting to the TAMHSC network must be encrypted. This will protect sensitive personal data, as well as any patient’s information (PII) that may be stored on your personal laptop or mobile devices. Your computer must have the Professional or Educational versions of Windows 8 or 10; which has the encryption software, Bitlocker. If you use an Apple Computer, FileVault encryption is sufficient. OIT is available to assist with the installation and configuration if needed. All requirements for encryption are set by Texas A&M Health Science Center Security office.

Battery: Capable of 4 hours run time

Operating System: Windows 10 64bit Professional or Education or Mac OS 10.14 (Mohave) or higher. Note – Apple computers running an Operating System older than 10.10 cannot be used on the TAMHSC network; Due to security risk and therefore are not allowed.

Network Note: Wireless networking with support for WPA2 Enterprise is available for non-essential usage. All testing and classroom activities will utilize the Ethernet port or adapter and cable.

Optional Items

Flash Drive: 4GB or Larger

External Hard Drive: A drive at least the same size as your internal hard drive. This is to keep a backup of your data if your hard drive were to crash.

Microsoft Office 365: As a student here at the Texas A&M University College of Dentistry you also have access to Microsoft Office 365 with 1TB of free cloud-based storage. 

Other Software: As a student with the Health Science Center you are eligible for software purchases for items such as Microsoft Office and many others through TAMU Software ( If you have issues accessing the site please contact OIT and we will ensure you are in the database to make purchases.

If there is any question about the level of support you will receive for your laptop please contact the Office of Information Technology at 214-828-8248.

We truly look forward to supporting your technology needs!