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Texas A&M School of Dentistry

Texas A&M School of Dentistry is a teaching institution in which treatment is performed by students and supervised by licensed clinical faculty. One of the most important aspects of the curriculum is the ability to provide students the opportunity to manage a variety of clinical conditions in each of the clinical disciplines. The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding communities provide access to an abundance of patients from all socioeconomic levels.

A&M School of Dentistry students treat patients in state-of-the-art clinics under faculty supervision meeting the needs of nearly 25,000 patients each year. More than 130,000 patient visits are recorded annually in the college's 150 clinics and off-site programs. Students manage patients with varied medical histories including children, adults, the elderly, and those who are mentally or physically disabled. Students are trained in the techniques of infection control as a part of their curriculum and the School has a plan to eliminate or minimize student and employee exposure to bloodborne pathogens. A copy of this plan is available in the following offices: Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, School Health Nurse, and Environmental Health and Safety Manager. Applicants to the programs of the School are welcome to request a copy of the plan.

The student experience is also enhanced by state-of-the-art digital records and radiology, as well as off-campus programs in public schools, community agencies, and state institutions in the area.