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Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Mission

Texas A&M College of Dentistry shapes the future of dentistry by developing exemplary clinicians, educators and scientists. We improve oral health by caring for the needs of a diverse community; seeking innovations in science, education and health care delivery; and serving as leaders in health professions education.

Our Vision

Following a century of excellence, College of Dentistry will continue to be a leader in dental education by:

  • Educating exemplary clinicians who deliver evidence- based care.
  • Fostering translational and clinical research to improve patient care and delivery.
  • Providing high quality service to students, patients, faculty, staff, alumni, and the public.
  • Increasing access to dental care through cultural competence, diversity and community based care.

Core Values

Our purpose statement carries with it the responsibility, the traditions and the forward-thinking of Texas A&M exemplified by all who are associated with the university — our faculty and staff, and our current and former students. This purpose can be defined by our six core values.

  • Excellence: An unwavering desire and commitment to greatness
  • Integrity: Doing the right things regardless of the circumstances or personal consequences
  • Leadership: Inspiring others to follow through the strength of one's character
  • Loyalty: Dedication to our nation, our state, our university, our families and those institutions and values which we individually hold dearest
  • Respect: Earned through the consistency of character
  • Selfless Service: Giving of one's self for the greater good, without regard to personal gain or recognition