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Your First Visit

 Due to the complex nature of pain in the head and face, the initial examination and consultation visit at the Clinical Center for Facial Pain and Sleep Medicine is approximately 2 hours.

This time spent with Dr. Bender is necessary to accurately diagnose your pain and/or dysfunction concerns and develop the most appropriate course of treatment.

The visit begins with a consultation to explore in detail the history of your pain and/or dysfunction concerns, review your general health history and body systems, evaluate your sleep history, review past medical and dental treatments, review previous and current medications, and a discussion of previous treatments for the current concern. 

This session is followed by a clinical evaluation.

The clinical evaluation:

  •  evaluation of blood pressure, temperature and pulse
  •  eye, ear, nose and throat exam
  •  neurological screening
  •  vascular assessment
  •  muscle function, strength and tone evaluation
  •  joint mobility assessment for the jaw and neck
  •  muscle provocation test
  •  evaluation of jaw joint sounds
  •  parafunctional habits evaluation
  •  intraoral hard-  and soft-tissue assessment, including an oral cancer screening
  •  bite evaluation and functional analysis

The post examination consultation:

  •  a discussion of normal anatomy and how it compares to your current condition
  •  appropriate evidence based treatment strategies and expectations including self care modalities
  •  a discussion of all appropriate treatment options, including risks and benefits
  •  potential escalated treatment strategies, should they become necessary

The initial visit serves three main purposes: Dr. Bender is able to gather the necessary information to make an accurate, informed diagnosis of your concern. He  is then able to provide you information as to the nature and cause of your pain and/or dysfunction concern, and develop the most appropriate treatment strategies.