Class of 2017

Dr. Blerta Abdi

Vascular and Bone Changes After A Full Mucoperiosteal Flap Versus Control: A Randomized Split-Mouth Experimental Study

Dr. Kathryn Preston

Treatment and Post-Treatment Posterior Occlusal Changes in Invisalign® and Traditional Braces: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Dr. Austin Hodges

Influence of SLA Surface Finish on MSI Stability When Placed Along with Osteocrete Bone Cement

Dr. Patrick Hodges

Evaluation of Mini-Screw Implant Stability with OsteoCrete Bone Cement

Dr. Michael Ross

The Effect of Automated Messaging On The Level Of Oral Hygiene in Adolescent orthodontic Patients: A Randomized Control Trial

Dr. Charlene Sugay

The Effect of Increased Cortical Damage On B     one Density and Bone Turnover  in Mature Rabbits: A Randomized Split-body Study

Class of 2016

Dr. Kristina Christoph

Evaluation of Transverse, Bodily Movement of Maxillary Premolars on the Surrounding Hard Tissue

Dr. Chris Cramer

The Effects of Micro-osteoperforations on Tooth Movement and Bone in the Beagle Maxilla

Dr. Danielle Geshay

The Stability of Immediately Loaded 3 mm Miniscrew Implants: A Feasibility Study

Dr. Alec Rice

Stability of Mini-Screw Assisted Orthopedic Correction of Growing Retrognathic Hyperdivergent Patients

Dr. Kimberly Rogers

Chin Projection Changes in Hyperdivergent and Hypodivergent Class II Patients Treated with the Herbst Appliance and the Relation To True Mandibular Rotation

Dr. Lauren Van Gemert

Localization of the Osseous Boundraies of the Regional Acceleratory Phenomenon 

Class of 2015

Dr. Britney Bare

Analysis of Bone Augmentation with Corticotomy-Facilitated Dental Expansion: A Histological & Micro-CT Study

Dr. John Feusier

Does Orthodontics Treatment in Adolescents Affect Quality of Life?: A Practice-Based Research Model

Dr. Jason Morris

Long-term Prevalence of Gingival Recession Following Labial Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Dr. Kelly Owen

Elevation of a Full-Thickness Mucoperiosteal Flap Alone Accelerates Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Dr. David White

Pain Associated with Invisalign Versus Clear Traditional Brackets: A Randomized, Prospective Trial

Dr. Brittany Wright-Graves

The Effects of Corticotomies on Frontonasal Suture Expansion and Bone Modeling in Mature Rabbits

Class of 2014

Dr. Bradley Buchwald

Effects of low level laser therapy on orthodontic pain

Dr. Chad Capps

Evaluation of transverse, bodily tooth movement and its effects on the surrounding hard tissue

Dr. Kimberly Fretty

Effect of acidulated phosphate fluoride gel on the prevention of white spot lesions in patients undergoing active orthodontic treatment

Dr. Benjamin Martin

Antioxidant-essential oil gel as a treatment for gingivitis in orthodontic patients

Dr. Ross Pulver

Miniscrew assisted slow expansion of mature sutures

Dr. Peter Truong

Stability and three-dimensional analysis of bone formation in longitudinally fluted miniscrew implants

Class of 2013

Dr. Matt Brown

A Practice-Based Research Approach Evaluating A Case-Control Study of the Prevalence and Predispensing Etiology of White Spot Lesions

Dr. Chris Chau

Retention of Sealants During Orthodontic Treatment-A Comparison of Two Etching Protocols

Dr. Bryan Hsu

Bone Regeneration in the Calvariae of Adult Mice Following Ephrin-B2 Treatment

Dr. Martin Schellinck

Dental Changes in Growing Hyperdivergent Patients Treated with a Mini-Screw Intrusion Appliance

Dr. Patty Fleming

The Effects of 2-DenT Oral Topical Powder on Minor Recurrent Apthous Ulcers

Dr. Lauren Rennick

The Effect of 2-DenT Oral Topical Powder on the Healing of Oral Traumatic Ulcers

Class of 2012

Dr. Lauren Carney

The Effect of Pilot Holes on Longitudinal Miniscrew Stability and Bony Adaptation

Dr. Cecilia Cuairan

Enhanced Longitudinal Stability of Miniscrew Implants with Local Application of Zoledronate

Dr. Collin Kraus

Bony Adaptation After Expansion With Light-to-Moderate Continuous Forces

Dr. Matt McBride

How Does the Amount of Surgical Insult Affect Bone Around Missing Teeth?

Dr. Stephen Rusó

Bone Response to Buccal Tooth Movements – With and Without Flapless Alveolar Decortication

Dr. Aaron Swapp

Cortical Bone Damage Does Not Accelerate Mesial-Distal Tooth Movements

Class of 2010

AJ Ortega

Local application of the biosphosphonate zoledronate to provide maximum anchorage in extraction space closure in rats

CC Massey

The effect of force on dentoalveolar bone adaptation around miniscrew implants-A 3D uCT Study

Scott Myser

Long term stability: Post-retention changes of the mandibular anterior teeth

Ashley Streeter

Coordinated EMG activity and kinematics during maximum opening/closing

Eric Vela

A comprehensive comparison of the craniofacial and dental characteristics of Mexican-Americans and Caucasians

Elizabeth Hess

Etiological Factors in decalcification of teeth undergoing orthodontic treatment: An In-Vitro Study

Class of 2009

Jared Corbridge

Transverse dentoalveolar changes following slow maxillary expansion

Adam Spencer

The effect of rate (1mm/day vs 2mm/day) on bone regenerate produced during dentoalveolar distraction

Hideki Ikeda

Three dimensional bone-to-implant contact of machined vs SLA surfaced miniscrew implants

Glenn Cohen

Rapid protraction of multirooted teeth in foxhound dogs

Cody Moore

The effect of latency (0 vs 5 days) on bone regenerate produced during dentoalveolar distraction

Lauren VanBebber

The effects of filler content on retention of orthodontic sealants

Class of 2008

Casey Lepley

Relative contribution of occlusion, maximum bite force, and chewing cycle kinematics to masticatory performance

Kelton Stewart

The validity and reliability of a new instrument for assessing the quality-of-life of 11-14 year old orthodontic patients

John Sherrard

Accuracy and reliability of tooth and root length measurements derived from cone beam CT volumetric data

Sarah Pollan White

Evaluation of a common genetic etiology in ovarian cancer and tooth agenesis

Ann Nguyen

The effects of corticotomies on bone mineral apposition rate and bone density during orthodontic tooth movement

David Farnsworth

Age, sex and regional variations in cortical bone thickness of common miniscrew implant sites