Future Dentists Club; Texas A&M College of Dentistry

Benefits of the Future Dentist Club (FDC)

The Future Dentist Club is for 6th through 12th graders. Activities include:

  • Dental activities
  • Meeting and talking to dental students
  • Cultural Competence seminar

FDC Offers Educational Experiences:

Students will broaden their knowledge of and interest in dentistry as a career/by:

  • exploring and becoming familiar with dental procedures
  • participating in hands-on dental projects/activities
  • listening to presentations and guest speakers.
  • Become interested in participating in other future dental programs offered by the College of Dentistry
  • Pathway into dental school

Leadership Opportunities:

  • Students will participate in officer roles to help with Club activities
  • Participate in various Community Service activities.

Social Gatherings:

Students will meet monthly and socialize with other students from different DFW-area schools.

  • Future Dentist Club (FDC)
  • Middle/High School

Lab work in programGuidelines

  1. Students are expected to participate in club activities once a month.
  2. Students are expected to attend and be on time to meetings and be picked up in a timely manner. Contact Ms. Willie Alexander if you anticipate a problem.
  3. Sign-In Sheet will need to be signed at every meeting.
  4. Contact Ms. Willie Alexander if you will be absent from a meeting for any reason. Also, let her know in writing if a problem arises that will affect your regular attendance. An excessive number of excused tardies and/or absences may result in a loss of membership.
  5. As a representative of FDC, you are expected to maintain a professional attitude while on campus and attending off-campus activities. Failure to conduct yourself professionally may result in dismissal from FDC.
  6. Respect faculty, staff, dental students, guest speakers and your peers.
  7. Remain attentive and maintain a professional and positive attitude while attending Club meetings and/or Club activities. We want you to enjoy and learn, so please assist us by conducting yourself in a professional manner at all times.
  8. Dress is casual. Jeans and or pants (no holes or sagging) and t-shirts with appropriate language and graphics are permissible. Scrubs can be worn, if desired. The College reserves the right to determine, on an individual basis, if dress is appropriate.

Future Dentist Club (FDC)

Welcomes YOU to Become a Special Part of Our Club!
We are an active dental awareness organization of the dental school.

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