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Bridge to Dentistry: Awareness to Practicing/Teaching/Research is a comprehensive program for the recruitment, training and retention of students and faculty. It was established by Texas A&M School of Dentistry in an effort to attract students from underserved populations and/or disadvantaged backgrounds into the dental profession. A significant component of the school’s Center of Excellence, the program offers extensive academic enrichment activities and modules for pre-K through college students and college graduates to increase their awareness of dental professions and enhance their competitiveness for admission to dental school.

Bridge to Dentistry features a variety of hands-on encounters aimed at encouraging and enabling school-aged children to learn about maintaining their oral health while discovering the possibilities of dentistry as a profession. The program also includes summer enrichment activities for high school and college students designed to increase their competitiveness for admission to dental school. For college graduates, there is a year-long program component that – when successfully completed – facilitates Texas A&M dental school matriculation.