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Outreach and Educational Programs

The Office of Student Development

The Office of Student Development seeks to create life-long partnerships with current and potential dental professionals.

The primary objective of the Office is to assist qualified students in gaining admission into and successfully graduating from dental school.

The Office of Student Development provides services and implements strategies that target students from pre-kindergarten through post- doctoral education. These services and strategies include: career awareness activities; recruitment and assisted-entry activities; retention services; and post-doctoral training.

Project Dental Awareness

Project Dental Awareness is a program designed to increase students' awareness of dental health and dental careers through Project activities, that include:

  • On-site visits to elementary schools
  • Pre-K through kindergarten: video
  • 1st grade: "Brushing Our Teeth" activity
  • 2nd grade: "Pretty Smiles" activity
  • 3rd grade: "Seal a Way" activity
  • Pre-K through 3rd grade:
  • Cultural Competence seminar

Future Dentist Club (FDC) for 4th through 12th graders. Activities include:

  • Dental activities
  • Meeting and talking to dental students
  • Cultural Competence seminar

Field trips to Texas A&M College of Dentistry by 6th through 12th graders

  • Dental Career awareness presentation
  • Tour of the dental school
  • Hands-on activity