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Water Fluoride Analysis

Why should I be concerned about the amount of fluoride in my drinking water?

It is important to have an appropriate amount of fluoride in the water we drink to reduce tooth decay. The amount of fluoride we get depends on how much water we drink, which is strongly influenced by the climate we live in.

Lower consumption of fluoride can result in tooth decay. It is also possible to get too much fluoride, which may cause fluorosis of the teeth, resulting in opaque white spots, or in more severe cases, brown staining or mottling of the enamel.

What should I do to get my water tested for fluoride?

You may submit a water sample through your dentist or request a sample vial directly from us. We will send you a mailer containing a water sample tube and directions for collecting and sending the water sample.

The cost for the fluoride analysis is $15.00 per water sample, payable when you request the sample vial. We will mail you a report within seven working days after we receive the water sample in the lab.

Our contact information can be found at Contacts.