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Preetam Schramm, PhD

Preetam Schramm,PhD

Psychologist & Sleep Scientist


School of Dentistry

Preetam Schramm

About Preetam Schramm

Dr. Schramm is an internationally recognized sleep scientist. He was the Director at the Center for Sleep Physiology and Medicine, St. John’s Cardiovascular Center in the department of medicine, at Harbor – UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California. As a visiting scholar, he is currently investigating the effects of oral appliance therapy on sleep at Texas A&M University, Health Science Center, Dallas Texas. At the Brain Health Center, Dallas, Texas, he is investigating the effects of sleep loss and fragmentation in people with Alzheimer’s disease.  His published work includes sleep disordered breathing and insomnia, antidepressant and cognitive therapy responses in adult depression using sleep as a “window of health”.