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The Department of Biomedical Sciences, led by Dr. Bruno Ruest, Acting Department Head, is a major locus for basic science and translational research at Texas A&M School of Dentistry. Departmental faculty interests range widely within a central research focus on craniofacial biology. These research interests include regulation of feeding behavior, the role of dendritic cells in cancer, the genetics of caries-causing bacteria, the genetics of tooth development, developmental biology of corneal epithelium, sutures, palate, and temporomandibular joint, mechanics of bone, and analysis of craniofacial growth in mutant and transgenic animal models. Exciting new areas of research include identifying the genes involved in the development of craniofacial structures, and tissue engineering and regeneration.

In addition to many well-outfitted individual laboratories, the department houses a Core Laboratory for Cell and Molecular Biology and provides access to analytical tools such as confocal microscopy, laser capture, real-time PCR, and microCT.

Departmental faculty provide all basic science instruction to dental and dental hygiene students and to residents in postgraduate dental specialty programs, as well as graduate degree programs (MS, PhD) in Biomedical Sciences awarded through Texas A&M University.

Mission & Goals

  • To provide superior education in basic biomedical sciences to all students at the School of Dentistry and to educate the next generation of dental and craniofacial scientists and academicians.
  • To develop and maintain outstanding basic and applied biomedical research programs.
  • To provide an environment, resources, and opportunities for all faculty appropriate for the pursuit of their scholarly interests and goals, and thus to achieve their potential as academicians and research scientists.

Standard Operating Procedures

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