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The Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) clinic provides the same level of comprehensive patient care to the wide range of population groups in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex as the school's other clinics. 

Although there is always full faculty supervision, residents in the AEGD program exercise increasingly independent judgment, and perform increasingly complicated procedures beyond those expected in the pre-doctoral curriculum. An example of the advanced procedures available in the AEGD clinic is implant surgical placement and restorations.

Becoming a patient in the AEGD program

To become an AEGD patient, a person must first be admitted to the comprehensive care program, and then be deemed to have a condition warranting the kind of extended care provided by AEGD residents beyond services provided in the pre-doctoral programs. AEGD services must be recommended, and the patient referred to the AEGD clinic by the doctors and residents of the other student clinical programs in the school only.

For more information about becoming a patient at the school, see: