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Pathology Service

The Department of Pathology provides an oral histopathology service for clinicians. The biopsy service in its present form began in 1980 and currently over 8000 cases are processed annually. Most of these are from clinicians in North Texas but many come from other parts of Texas oand other states.

Most specimens are received by mail. The diagnoses are mailed within 24 hours of the specimen being received and, if urgent, the clinician is called or faxed with the diagnosis by the pathologist on duty.

The pathologists are:

  • Yi-Shing Lisa Cheng, DDS, MS, PhD
  • John M. Wright, DDS, MS
  • Paras B. Patel, DDS
  • Dr. Victoria Woo, DDS

 We can bill the clinician or the patient. In addition, services can be billed directly to medical or dental insurers, medicare or Medicaid.

The department supplies mailing containers which include a request form with specimen bottle and fixative. If you would like us to send you some containers (free of charge), please contact:

Ms. Andi Ball-Meza, Senior Medical Transcriptionist
Department of Diagnostic Sciences
TEL: (214) 828-8111
FAX: (214) 828-8306

Ms. Chaffani Ward, Administrative Assistant
Department of Diagnostic Sciences
TEL: (214) 828-8110
FAX: (214) 828-8306