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Are you a head and neck cancer patient who has not yet started radiotherapy?

You may be eligible to participate in a research study to prevent radiation-induced tooth decay.


Q. Why is this study relevant to me?

A. Radiation-induced tooth decay is a devastating yet potentially preventable side effect of cancer treatment. Many head and neck cancer patients experience tooth decay as a result of their cancer treatment. Silver Diamine Fluoride is simple, inexpensive, and safe professionally applied topical treatment which can prevent decay and increase the quality of life. Treating tooth decay with Silver Diamine Fluoride is already the standard of care in children.


Q. Why is this study being conducted? 

A. Texas A&M University School of Dentistry researchers are conducting this study to evaluate the efficacy of Silver Diamine Fluoride on radiation-induced tooth decay (cavities).


Q. Am I eligible to participate?

A. You may qualify if you have head and neck cancer and are scheduled for radiotherapy (but have not yet started), and are at least 18 years or older.


Q. What will be required of me if I choose to participate?

A. The study involves 3-4 visits over a 7-month period to the Texas A&M University School of Dentistry, 3302 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, TX. It involves using a fluoride gel toothpaste at home twice daily (instead of your regular toothpaste) and coming in 4 times for oral evaluation and application of the silver diamine fluoride treatment or deionized water at each office visit.


Q. What are the benefits?

A. Potential benefits include a reduction in tooth decay caused by radiation treatment as well as a reduction in tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, and gum inflammation. In addition, you will receive a fluoride gel, the standard care of treatment, to use at home.


Q. What are the risks?

A. Potential risks & discomforts are minimal. Putting Silver Diamine Fluoride on cavities will stain black permanently. Stained areas on the teeth can be replaced with a filling or a crown by your dentist.


Q. Is there compensation?

A. Yes, you will receive a $50 gift card for the second visit, a $100 gift card for the third visit, and a $150 gift card for the fourth visit. There is no cost to you to participate or for the dental care that we will provide as part of the study.

Study Title: Silver Diamine Fluoride: Novel Addition to the Prophylactic Bundle for Dental Management of Radiation-Induced Dental Caries in Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Patients

Principal Investigators: Dr. Amal Noureldin,, Dr. Amerian Sones,  


For more information, contact: Professor Chelsi Graham (Study Coordinator) at 214-370-7009 or