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Less than two percent of the general population suffers from oral lichen planus, an uncomfortable and chronic condition characterized by lesions that form in the mouth and skin. It’s not unusual for lichen planus sufferers to know no one else with the disease.

Whether you or a loved one is dealing with oral lichen planus or you simply want to learn more about the condition, Texas A&M School of Dentistry has the resources you need. View recorded webcasts, read through our FAQs and get connected with others who can help through the school’s International Oral Lichen Planus Support Group.

""Just a quick note to say that after 7+ years of suffering, I finally got a diagnosis yesterday of oral LP. I was so depressed, particularly after seeing so many horrendous pictures on the internet, and knowing that I was not likely to ever get rid of this. However, your site made me feel so much better - just the idea that there were people dedicated to understanding this condition, and sharing that information. Thank you SO much for your work and site."”


Redmond, WA
Support Group Member