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You will need a screening appointment to determine if your oral health needs match the educational needs of our students. Call 214.828.8981 to schedule a screening appointment for the following week until all appointment slots are filled. The best times to call are 8:30-9:30 a.m. and 2:30-4:30 p.m.

The registration fee, screening fee, and panoramic X-ray cost $114. A treatment deposit of $200 is applied to future procedures. Therefore, the total due at the screening appointment is $314.

The treatment deposit is refundable if you are not assigned to a student. The $114 for registration, screening, and X-ray fees are nonrefundable.

Acceptance as a potential undergraduate patient, or referral to our graduate clinics for additional screening, does not guarantee that you will be assigned to a dental student or resident for treatment. No dental care will be rendered during screening exams.
Yes. We are a teaching institution in which students provide treatment under the supervision of licensed clinical faculty.
We accept cash, check, money orders, Mastercard, Visa, or Discover. Fees for service are not based on income and are due in full each visit. No payment plan options are available.
Insurance, including Medicaid/Medicare, is not accepted as payment for adult dental care. The Office of Clinical Affairs will provide patients the information needed to file their own insurance claims, but the dental school does not handle reimbursement questions or concerns.
As a teaching institution, we assign a limited number of patients to dental students based on their educational needs; it may take several months before your first appointment. A student or patient appointment associate will contact you to set up an oral diagnosis appointment.
Patients are only accepted for the completion of ALL dental care needed. If you are currently experiencing pain related to your oral health problems, you should seek emergency/immediate dental care outside the college until you are assigned to a student for treatment.
The school address is 3000 Gaston Ave., Dallas 75226. Paid parking is available to patients and visitors to Texas A&M School of Dentistry in the patient parking garage at 3000 Gaston Avenue. Entrance is on the Gaston Avenue side of the building. Metered parking is available along the adjoining streets. Please read parking lot signs carefully.