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The Research Office administratively coordinates all faculty and student research projects at Texas A&M School of Dentistry.

Within the Associate Dean’s office is the Technology Development Office that aids faculty with inventions and interactions with industry.

Research compliance matters are administered by Texas A&M University through this office. School resources can be found at Research Resources.

Research grants are administrated by the Texas A&M University Office of Sponsored Research Services.

An additional important resource for faculty members who are writing grants is the Texas A&M University Office of Research Development Services.

Jiang Q. (Jerry) Feng

Jiang Q. (Jerry) Feng, PhD

Biomedical Sciences

Improving Lives

Through research, School faculty members are opening new doors in a wide range of areas including craniofacial development and genetics, mineralized tissue biology, bioengineering and regeneration, craniofacial pain and a variety of translational clinical research projects involving implants, periodontal disease management, salivary gland dysfunction, cancer detection and tobacco cessation.

Center for Craniofacial Research & Diagnosis

The Center for Craniofacial Research and Diagnosis (CCRD) is a distinct multidisciplinary center of research excellence that resides within the School of Dentistry. The primary goal of the CCRD is to provide a forum to increase funded research and related programmatic activities leading to greater understanding of the etiology, natural history, diagnosis, and treatment of developmental abnormalities and functional disorders in the craniofacial region. Such knowledge will lead to new and improved treatments of developmental, disease, and functional disorders of the craniofacial region.

Center for Craniofacial Research & Diagnosis

Technology Development

The School of Dentistry has made it a priority to proactively advance technology development, translational research, and technology transfer and commercialization. Active participation by clinical and basic science faculty as well as student trainees is encouraged. The Technology Development Office is dedicated to advanced technology transfer and commercialization opportunities and initiatives while maintaining the high standards inherent in existing research programs.

Technology Development

Clinical Trials and Studies

Clinical trials help discover ways to prevent or manage various health conditions. Research must show procedures or medicines are safe and effective before they can be approved for use. Without these clinical research studies and the volunteers who take part in them, oral health care and medicine could not advance.

Clinical Trials and Studies