Photos from Homecoming 2018

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Commencement 2018


We caught up with a few of our grads after commencement rehearsal earlier this week, and here's what they had to share about the importance of this milestone, and just what their time at #TAMUdental has meant to them. #DentalGrad2018

Commencement video

Money matters: Class of 2018 gives back to college

Class of 2018

The tradition of giving back continued with the Class of 2018. As graduation neared, the class opted to give matching contributions to the dental school’s Alumni Association and Social Services Dental Care Fund, which offers financial assistance for patients in need to be able to receive treatment when they otherwise might have to cease care.

Another heartfelt decision to note: Class members also took the time to give thank you mementos to dozens of Texas A&M College of Dentistry staff members directly involved in their education.

Alums host early graduation celebration "on the Patio"

Dean joins the festivities

DH2 and D4 students relaxed with Alums and enjoyed an early graduation celebration “on the Patio” recently  at the Stackhouse, the popular eatery across from the dental school.  

A free beverage and appetizers, and fun door prizes were provided compliments of the College of Dentistry Alumni Association! 

It was another great opportunity to visit with alumni board members and classmates! 

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