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M.S. in Oral Biology

Students in the M.S. Program in the Department of Biomedical Sciences receive training in one or more of the following fields of study in the oral health sciences: Development and genetics, Bioengineering and regeneration, Mineralized tissue biology, Neuroscience and pain.

The program, leading to the M.S. degree in Oral Biology (OBIO), is designed primarily to provide advanced scientific training for graduates of dental programs and students enrolled in a clinical specialty program at Texas A&M School of Dentistry. This program is also well suited for dental specialists from countries other than the United States who desire to obtain or improve their background in dental research.

For most of the graduate clinical programs at the School of Dentistry, there is significant overlap in coursework with the M.S. in Oral Biology.  It is especially appropriate for those clinical students with stronger academic motivation or who may wish to pursue a combined career of clinical practice and teaching in a clinical department. 

Current dental students at the School of Dentistry are also eligible for the M.S. program. These students work with advisors in the Graduate Program in Oral Biology to implement specially designed M.S. programs. The goal is to provide research training that will give the student an excellent background for subsequent advanced research training in a Ph.D. program or clinical specialty training.

Non-dental students with a baccalaureate degree in the biological sciences are also eligible to apply for the M.S.  in Oral Biology program.  This M.S. provides non-dental students with the background for a more advanced degree. The degree provides additional training to individuals, such as secondary school science teachers or laboratory technicians, who may benefit from increased scientific knowledge.

Application Process

All applications are administered through the TAMU website. Deadline: December 15th.

New application site:

Application requirements can be found on the Department of Biomedical Sciences website


For program questions, please contact Meghann Holt. 214-828-8320,