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PhD in Oral & Craniofacial Biomedical Sciences

Students for the Ph.D. program in Oral & Craniofacial Biomedical Sciences in the Department of Biomedical Sciences  receive training in the broad fields of Craniofacial development and genetics, Bioengineering and regeneration, Mineralized tissue biology and Neuroscience and pain. This training includes the advanced study of cell and molecular mechanisms, experimental studies, and clinical studies of development, growth, aging, function, disease, and treatment.

Work leading to the degree of doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) is designed to give the candidate a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of a professional field and training in methods of research. The final basis for granting the degree is the candidate's mastery of the subject matter of a broad field of study and the demonstrated ability to do independent research. In addition, the candidate must acquire the ability to express thoughts clearly in both oral and written language.

Program Questions

Please contact Meghann Holt. 214-828-8320,