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Current Facilities

Our clinic has 10 dental-chair stations with the most advanced technology, photography area, and faculty supervision room. There is a treatment-planning center inside the clinic for consultation with faculty and patient. In addition, there are 2 implant surgical suites for Graduate Prosthodontic residents.

Our laboratory is well equipped for most prosthesis design and fabrication and serves as a design center for digital workflow transmission. It has 13 lab benches for each resident and in-house lab technician, and two Ivobase denture injection machines.

Our lab has a CAD/CAM advanced education center with a 3D printer, a lab scanner, and high-quality Alien computers for Grad Pros residents. In addition, there is Ceramic advanced education center with two high quality porcelain ovens with pressing function.

Our program proudly uses SAM articulators and SAM diagnostic instrumentation. With a SAM Axioquick system, our residents can verify the centric relation (CR) of the patient and record the jaw movements to set their articulators.

The infection and disease control policies of Texas A&M College of Dentistry are in compliance with the ADA, the CDC, and Texas State Regulations. We adhere to infection control procedures known as universal precautions. All dental instruments used for patient care, including handpieces, are heat sterilized after each use.