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Program Strengths

A blend of a classical and contemporary Prosthodontics

We pursue the state-of-the-art contemporary CAD/CAM technology, using a 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral scanner, a 3D printer (Form 2) and 3Shape Lab scanner. In addition, a Nobel Biocare scanner is available. We also use a variety of web-based implant surgical guide fabrication systems.


Strong implant placement program

We have our own surgical suite for implant placements. Implant placement is a part of the clinical requirements and goals for our students. We have five (5) Periodontists dedicated to the implant placement program called PDIPP (Postgraduate Dental Implant Placement Program). During the first summer session there are 14 implant surgery lectures and five hands-on courses for first-year residents.


Interdisciplinary cooperation

Our school has all advanced educational programs on site. Interdisciplinary cooperation is a great benefit. In addition, we have interdisciplinary seminars such as Perio-Pros, Endo-Pros, and Ortho-Pros for the training. On the last Monday of each month during fall and spring semester there are the implant interdisciplinary seminars by Pros, Perio, Ortho, Oral Surgery, Endo, and AEGD.


Power Pros lecture series

The Power Pros lecture series are given by Dr. Cho, Program Director. Dr. Cho is one of the best ceramists and teaches many hands-on courses such as esthetic wax-up, porcelain stain & glaze, and e.max pressing. Dr. Cho also gives great lectures about esthetic dental restorations, smile design, and porcelain veneers. One of the most powerful lectures amongst the lecture series is about the treatment planning process. Dr. Cho believes that the Prosthodontist is an architect of Treatment Planning design for the entire treatment procedure as well as the best thinker who can look for the most adequate Treatment Planning.


Teaching is another way to learn

There are teaching opportunities such as VA rotation during 2nd year residency and Predoctoral Clinic Teaching (Removable- 3rd year/ Fixed - 2nd year resident). Through this teaching opportunity, the strong foundation of the Pros knowledge will be established. We believe our residents will become great leaders and speakers in the future in academic and clinical fields.


Prosthodontic Board Certification

We are helping and supporting the Prosthodontic Board Certification for all our students with well-organized board preparation courses and mock-board exams. In addition, our program financially supports the annual ACP board prep course meeting for all 3rd year residents.


Research for MS

We have a strong Research support group with school research fund. Since our program is the MS and Certification combined program, all our residents will receive a MS degree when they finish the residency. I think this is a great reward and bonus for the hard work and time given during Pros training.


Stipend & financial support

We provide a stipend (approximately $10k per year) to each student. In addition, all our students are eligible to pay in-state tuition regardless of where they come from.

Moreover, our program provides financial support per each annual Prosthodontic meeting, ACP and AAFP, for travel and registration fees.



We have a great faculty for the clinic and didactic courses. We have total six (6) Board Certified Pros faculty including double-trained (Pros + Maxillofacial) faculty. All are very knowledgeable and willing to help our residents at any time. Apprenticeship is one of the most valuable assets of this program. Here you will meet lifetime mentors during the residency, and become one of the family member of our program. 



  • Large patient population due to big city, Dallas
  • In-house lab technician
  • Various courses such as TMD, dental materials, annual implant lectureship, and geriatric symposium etc.