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History of the Program

The Graduate Prosthodontic residency program at Texas A&M College of Dentistry (formerly Baylor College of Dentistry) was conceived in 1984 by Dr. Jesse T. Bullard, Chair of Restorative Sciences. It began as a two year Fixed Prosthodontic Program and was led by Dr. Ronald D. Woody, the first program director (1984-2004).

In 2004, Dr. William W. Nagy took over as Program Director and brought many state-of-the art instruments and contemporary technologies to the program. Under his leadership, our program became one of the most outstanding Prosthodontic training programs in the U.S.

The current Program Director, Dr. Aaron Cho, was appointed in 2017. As a young director, he is committed to maintaining the legacy of our program which combines classic prosthodontic principles with modern, cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Cho’s passion for excellence in prosthetic dentistry enhances the resident experience with CAD/CAM technology, top-notch esthetics, treatment planning and research.