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Campus Services and Guidelines

Family Emergencies

In the event of a family emergency, family members of students should call the Office of Student Affairs at 214-828-8210.

Mail Room & Post Office

A mail room is located in the basement of the dental school in Room 8D. A full service post office is located at BUMC on the P1 level of Barnett Tower.


Dial 8 and the entire number, including area code, for all calls within the college as well as outside calls.

Fax Machine

Students may use a fax machine located in the Office of Student Affairs to receive faxes or to send local faxes. The fax number is 214-874-4572.

Notary Public

Notary Services are available in the Office of Clinical Services on the 4th floor of the clinic building and the Office of Academic Affairs on the 5th floor of the main building.